Farshad Abasi

3837 W. 16th Ave.

Vancouver, BC

V6R 3C6

Phone: 604-222-8744

Fax: 604-222-8744

E-mail: farshad@zyx.com


To utilize my skills in Computing and Information Technology and create innovative solutions to given problems. Main areas of interest include computer graphics, electronic gaming, Internet technologies, related protocols and security, as well as voice and data communications.

Functional summary

Development tools and environments

§     Fluent in C, C++, Perl, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL, Java, HTML and JavaScript.

§     Open GL/GLUT, Intrinsic Alchemy, Havok, MS Visual Studio, MS Visual FoxPro, CVS, Source Safe, Tornado 2.1/2.2, Symantec Visual Café, TCL/TK, VISIO, MM Flash 4/5/MX, Rational Rose, Object Time, MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, GCC, GNU Make and Oracle SQL/PL (UNIX) are among a few of the tools that I am familiar with.

§     Familiar with coding/compiling in the PlayStation 2 environment.

§     Experience with Windows (all versions), Linux, Solaris/SunOS, VxWorks, AIX, AmigaOS, HP/UX, NeXT Step, and Mac OS.


Information Technology and Networking

§     Implementation and application development experience with network protocols and technologies such as Ethernet, Switched Ethernet, ADSL, ISDN, ATM, OSPF, RIP, SNMP (versions 1 to 3), IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, MPLS and GPRS.

§     Complete knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol.

§     Extensive knowledge and work experience in network and information security, designing corporate security solutions and performing audits.

§     Database design and application development experience with embedded real-time, as well as large enterprise DBMS systems.

§     Corporate application development expertise in all aspects from requirements gathering to UI and application design and implementation.


Project management and Leadership

§     Coordinated tasks among various departments in a medium sized organization for an interdepartmental project.

§     Created project schedules for products and coordinated with other teams’ schedules for related products (utilized MS Project).

§     Led various teams of up to 5 people. Held status meetings, created work breakdowns and performed other team related activities.

§     Event coordination and organization for up to 1000 people.

§     Developed marketing and business plans as well as various related presentations. Developed video presentations for product prototypes.

§     Created and instructed a Network Security course for up to 20 students


2003 - present         PacBlue Digital Reprographics Inc.      Vancouver, BC

IT Manager

§     Designed, implemented and maintained secure network and computing services.

§     Developed new services to generate further revenue and assisted external customers in better integration with PacBlue’s systems.

§     Set guidelines for the company’s technology and computing direction.

§     Created custom applications to address specific internal company requirements as well as client needs.

§     Assisted in the deployment of products developed by other divisions.

1994 – present         ZYX Communications                          Vancouver, BC

Principal and Consultant

Founded ZYX Communications to offer expertise to clients on contract basis. Projects completed in the past include:

§     Game software architecture design and development. Designed the object oriented architecture, service model and interfaces for Factory 1’s upcoming PlayStation2 Soccer game.

§     Network design and implementation, handling all aspects from connectivity to security, as well as voice and data communication.

§     Development of web enabled solutions. A&B Sound, Richmond Go Karts, Silver Spur Inn, and Art & Tech are among some of the past clients.

§     Project management, tracking and coordination. Held a contract with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) through dbappleton to manage and track the activities of 11 board members as well as coordinate the efforts of a 5 person technical support team. Responsible for creating policies, annual budget, as well as operational systems.

2002 - present         British Columbia Institute of Technology     Burnaby, BC

Instructor (part time)

§     Comp3705: Topics in Network Security. Designed the entire course including outline, projects and exams. This course covered areas such as protocols and services, network hardware and architecture, types of attacks, authentication, encryption, e-commerce issues, viruses, firewalls, address translation, UNIX and Windows issues, risk analysis and policy development.

2001 - 2003             Trillium/Intel Inc.                                    Burnaby, BC

Senior Software Engineer

§     Created the routing engine for an intelligent DSLAM. Developed a module to interact with the Linux kernel and retrieve routing information for the iDSLAM to perform MPLS packet switching.

§     Designed and developed a Linux driver to read performance data from Intel’s IXP processors’ PMU (Performance Monitoring Unit). Also made a component to read this data and deliver it to user applications for code profiling purposes.

§     Created a Make system using GNU Make to compile various modules and protocol layers into a single product stack for testing, verification and inclusion in the Intel IXP Software Development Kit (SDK).



2000 - 2001             Moderngroove Ent. Inc.                       Vancouver, BC

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead

§     Involved in design and development of a real-time, distributed audio/video stream-caching system. Created the overall architecture of the system and assembled a team of engineers to create the various components.

§     Led the development (design/coding) of the StreamCache Dispatcher (SD) unit. A real-time database was created to store information about all network nodes. This data was then used to map the network and approximate the closest node to clients. UML was utilized in the design process.

§     Created a simple memory-tracking tool for the PlayStation 2, which was used to trap memory leaks found in the MG PS2 Interactive product.
Familiar with ee-gcc and other tools on the PS2.

1998 - 2000             Motorola Ltd.                                      Richmond, BC

Software Engineer

§     Involved in development of the Internet gateway (GGSN) for Motorola’s GPRS wireless IP data network. Also worked closely with CISCO and Motorola engineers to solve integration issues and plan new features for future versions of the product.

§     Worked on Enterprise Connectivity features (DNS/DHCP/Radius) for the GPRS network. Developed tools to simulate one of the system components to perform feature testing. Also involved in deployment of the Sun Netra High Availability Cluster systems for the GPRS network.

§     Involved in deployment and integration of the GSN system in various countries (UK, Ireland, Germany and France).

1993 - 1998             A&B Sound Ltd.                                 Vancouver, BC

Project Manager / Senior Developer                                  1996 - 1998

§     Designed and implemented a fully interactive and commerce enabled web site.  Led all aspects of development from user interface, to database schemas and business logic. The site was integrated with the AIX back-end systems and databases.

§     Developed A&B Sound’s corporate Intranet and related applications used by all departments throughout the company.

§     Managed other developers and their activities as related to the Internet and Intranet development. Also coordinated the efforts of all departments involved in these projects.

§     Involved in LAN and WAN planning and maintenance. Also involved in deployment of firewall, security, remote access and VPN solutions.

§     Maintained the Advertising Department’s Mac OS based network as well as dealt with all storage and commercial printing related issues. Implemented corporate wide e-mail, FTP and file services.

Home Office Consultant                                                      1993 - 1996

§     Sales and support of MS-DOS/Windows Compatible computers as well as software and accessories. Also worked as a sales representative in the Electronics department.

1996 - 1997             University of British Columbia              Vancouver, BC

Teaching Assistant

Worked as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the following courses:

§     CPSC 304 (Database/File Systems I); Supervisor: Dr. George Tsiknis.

§     CPSC 152 (Principles of Software Development); Supervisor: Alistair Veitch.


1995 - 1997             University of British Columbia              Vancouver, BC

B.Sc. (Computer Science)

Completed all required Computer Science courses over a 2-year period. Areas of focus included networking and operating systems. Worked in a team of 6 and created an airline reservation system as part of the studies. Computer graphics, databases, math, linear algebra, statistics and numerical analysis were among other subjects studied.

1991 - 1995             University of British Columbia              Vancouver, BC

B.Sc. (Animal Biology)

Completed general first and second year Science courses as well as third and fourth year level Microbiology, Physiology, Neurobiology, Endocrinology, Organic Chemistry and Human Anatomy courses with lab components.

1988 - 1991             Kitsilano Secondary School                 Vancouver, BC

High School Diploma (with Honors)

Technical training and certification


§     Advanced C++

§     Object Oriented design with UML

§     Technical Writing

§     CISCO ICRC (main component of CCNA)

§     Solaris 7 System Administration II, Sun Enterprise Cluster Administration and Disk Management with DiskSuite

§     Color Accuracy In Commercial Print Environments

§     Software Project Estimation methods

Volunteer experience


§     St. Paul’s Emergency department (part time basis). Also volunteered at the Admitting department. Obtained a certificate in Standard First Aid and CPR level C as well as attending a 2-day seminar on interpersonal skills.

§     Set up a one-day seminar (on volunteer basis) to familiarize the trainees of P.R.I.D.E. (People Responsible for Improving Downtown Eastend) Centre and Four Corner’s Bank with the Windows and MS-DOS environments.

§     UBC Open House, Department of Computer Science: Demonstrated the World Wide Web and the Internet to Open House visitors.



§     UBC Intramural Volleyball team-member (1991-1996).

§     UBC Pre Medical Society (1994-97) and CSSS (Computer Science, 1996-97) Director of Publications. Also organized various trips and activities for club members.

§     Science Undergraduate Student Council representative (1994-1997).

§     Faculty of Science Strategic Planning Committee member (1995-1996).

§     Hobbyist Disc Jockey and musician.

§     Vancouver Ultimate League team player / captain


Fluent in written and spoken Persian and English. Currently learning Spanish.