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ZYX Communications was founded in 1994 by Farshad Abasi with the aim of providing computer services to family and friends. In 1996, the zyx.com domain was registered to provide web presence for the company and to shift toward web/e-commerce development.

The site was hosted by DreamScape Inc. until 1997, when Farshad Abasi and Sasa Djolic decided to have their own T1-based colocated server, and Dilbert, the NT server, was born. Free web space and email addresses were provided to all users upon request. Dilbert was also used to host web sites built for ZYX Communications' clients and to test web applications.

Today, after 7 years in operation, ZYX Communications still prides itself in providing best-in-class services to its clients.

Our team consists of three highly motivated and talented individuals who have worked together successfully in the past and understand today's fast paced technology environment. Click on a name below for more information and a resume: